The Remarque

A remarque is a small original pencil sketch that is usually drawn on the bottom white border of a print. The sketch will be related to the main print subject in one form or another, in this particular case the remarque sketch was drawn by Robin Smith on the bottom border of the print "At the Going Down Of the Sun" reflecting the dominant presence of Spitfires in the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. The presence of a remarque sketch quite dramatically increases the value of a print, and individualises it as the sketches are all different, and if a print is purchased from Robin direct there is the facility for the client to discuss what he or she would like (a truly personalised item!).

I like to produce what I would describe as "a proper artists sketch", with flowing pencil strokes and a little style expressing freedom and enjoyment in the process finishing off with a rather cheeky signiture extending out from the tail end of the sketch. not just an illustrators direct copy of a black and white photograph that looks as though it took many hours to do.