Aircrew Remembrance Society
A non-political society dedicated in helping relatives of fallen and missing airmen from the 1939-45 air war. Preserving the memories, photohraphs and documents of those from all nations who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The Lincolnshire Lancaster Association
The Lincolnshire Lancaster Association is a Lincolnshire based charity dedicated to the ongoing commitment of embracing the memory of the Lancaster bomber and all who flew in, and serviced the type. The LLA encourages the membership of members of the public and boasts a healthy patronage globally. The LLA closely supports the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, and regularly holds fund raising events that financially helps to keep the Lancaster in the air.
Robin has been commissioned by the LLA and the BBMF to paint a variety of originals for fine art prints and greetings cards.

The Cross and Cockade
The First World War Aviation Historical Society is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to gather and publish factual information about all aspects of the 1914-1918 war in the air; to provide opportunities for those who are seriously interested in the history of World War I aviation to meet periodically to share ideas and information; and to promote a continuing interest in and awareness of the history of this subject.

The Turner Logs
A  of fictional pioneering aviation novels chronicling the life and times of Will Turner, a young adventurer who involves himself in the early days of flying and all the excitement and high/low points that go with it. The series very cleverly includes a lot of factual historical information and details of actual aircraft types that a lot can be gleaned of the "real" war. I have had the pleasure of being commissioned to paint the cover illustrations for the whole series by Lucky Press, an American publishing company.

Pilot Friend - general aviation portal
General aviation portal - pilot resources and aviation weather for general aviation.