The Safe Return

The Safe Return

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The Boeing B17 Flying Fortress was the prime instrument in the evaluation of the American strategic bombing and enjoyed a measure of affection from the aircrew like no other aircraft.
Altogether 12,731 Flying Fortresses were built. While it's principle function was to drop bombs on the enemy, the fort also performed many other tasks such as dropping propaganda leaflets, food supplies and even life boats to ditched aircrews.

During the war the B17s dropped 640,036 US tons of bombs on European targets alone. This compares 452,508 US tons by the Consolidated Liberators. Following 1935, when the prototype B17 was built, constant improvements increased it's bomb load from 22,0001bs to 36,0001bs.

The print depicts a B17 arriving at its home base somewhere in Norfolk, as it's attending P-51 Mustangs continue a short way to there respective base.

Signed limited edition of 500 - Litho print overall size 26" x 19", image size 22" x 14"